BA Liquid Spiritual Delight and Family Matters IPA Release Information

Good morning everyone – definitely a cold way to start the day!

Tonight is day 3 of our Tasting Room Anniversary week celebration, and we’re releasing two very special, VERY different beers for your enjoyment! The first release, at 4 pm is Family Matters IPA – an IPA all 9 of us 2nd Shifters brewed as a family together. It’s an unfiltered East Coast Style IPA dry hopped with Zythos and is incredibly juicy, yummy and different from any other of the (many) IPA’s we do/have done. Buffalo Trace Barrel Aged Liquid Spiritual Delight Imperial stout and Family Matters IPA will be available on draft starting at 4 pm. At 6 pm, we will be releasing bottles of BA LSD via our ‘ticket in lieu of line’ system – they will be $25 per bottle, allocations determined upon turnout.

We had a few questions about our ticketing system for the Barrel-Aged Coffee Liquid Spiritual Delight releaseΒ last night so we wanted to try to inform everyone on how our system works.

For those of you who are coming up for the Buffalo Trace BA Liquid Spiritual Delight release this evening, as you walk in the front door (no earlier than 4pm, please) Libby Crider will be handing out tickets. These tickets secure your place in line. As with all lines, if you leave, you forfeit your space in line.

We’re using this ticketing system to not only keep you from freezing your butt off but also provide the opportunity to leisurely enjoy your time in the Tasting Room before the bottle release at 6pm. As for the 6pm start, we’re trying to be respectful to our neighbors and to also try and provide as many people as possible an opportunity to purchase a bottle.

As with all systems, it’s not perfect. But we try our best to deliver the best possible experience we can provide. We thank you all for your continued support for our little brewery. Our first year in St. Louis has been amazing and we have you all to thank.

See you tonight!

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