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Since our move to The Hill, we have really been working our tails off (even more than before) to bring you some of the best beer to fill up your bellies. We are constantly releasing a great variety of limited beers along with our beers we brew all year and seasonally.

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The *fingers crossed* Future of Katy

We’re always so excited when we get yeast from @melloknows & @bootlegbiology, but this delivery is incredibly special to us. Many of you have noticed that the past two batches of our Katy beer have not been quite how you’ve remembered them - while the nose was there, the body and the flavor were a bit light. We started to notice the difference in our last few months at our old location - no matter how we blended the barrels, the beer just seemed “Katy-Light-ish”. Ordering new yeast wasn’t working for this solera method brew, ordering new barrels didn’t work and we weren’t...

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Saying Hello to Some New Friends and Goodbye to an Old One

A few months ago, we brewed and released a beer named “Casual Experimentation” - an Imperial DDH New England Style IPA. This beer was a fun deviation from our normal brew schedule, and marked the start of a new era for us here at 2nd Shift Brewing. Finally having enough tanks & barrels to maintain our core beers, we were able to start experimenting more in our brews, and with ingredients as well as styles. This week we would like to introduce you to the next two beers in what is going to become the “Casual Experimentation Series” - a series of fun beer styles that we’ve always...

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Criderfest 2018: News and Information

Hello everyone! We’re excited to welcome you all back to another Criderfest! It’s an honor to not only host all of you, but all of our brewery friends. We truly try to make this one of the most fun festivals around and we hope you all enjoy yourselves. Here are a couple of things you need to know before arriving. Parking There will be NO on-site parking available for the festival. We have limited room here at the brewery and most of the parking lot will be used for the festival. While there is parking near the brewery, we fully expect to it to be taken quickly. If you do park nearby,...

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Criderfest 2018 – Wish You Were Beer

Welp, we've made it another year folks! 8 years of fun, friendship, laughter & beer. Join us this year, once again, as we celebrate with some of the most incredible breweries & brewery people. And for a fun twist this year, we're adding our friends from Blueprint Coffee & Dark Matter Coffee for all of our & your caffeinated desires! Pink Floyds tunes will reverberate off the brewery walls, and delicious eats from Guerrilla Street Food will be available Tickets are available at EventBrite. $15 for Designated Drivers, $40 until 6/8 and $50 day of. Tickets will also be available...

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BA Liquid Spiritual Delight and Family Matters IPA Release Information

Good morning everyone - definitely a cold way to start the day! Tonight is day 3 of our Tasting Room Anniversary week celebration, and we're releasing two very special, VERY different beers for your enjoyment! The first release, at 4 pm is Family Matters IPA - an IPA all 9 of us 2nd Shifters brewed as a family together. It's an unfiltered East Coast Style IPA dry hopped with Zythos and is incredibly juicy, yummy and different from any other of the (many) IPA's we do/have done. Buffalo Trace Barrel Aged Liquid Spiritual Delight Imperial stout and Family Matters IPA will be available on draft...

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