DDH Little Big Hop

New England-Style Session IPA

A small wonder to behold, with all of the hop flavors and aromas and coming in at only 4.9% ABV. Some people would call it a session IPA but they would be wrong because that makes no sense. It's a low alcohol double IPA or maybe an imperial table beer or an American lager that uses ale yeast and 10 times the hops as normal. This version is extra special because it contains double the amount of dry hops. This beer is stupid good. Hops used: Magnum, Cascade, Zythos, Simcoe, Columbus.

ABV Color Availability
4.9% Golden Mud
DDH Little Big Hop

The Story Behind DDH Little Big Hop

We wanted a hoppy beer that was easy on the ABV, but would still slap ya right in the face with hops. Little ABV, big hops. Little Big Hops..... GET IT? And since it sounds like Little Bighorn, we decided to personify the beer with a little hops dude riding a horse with a super cool hat.

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