Achy Jakey Heart (Narrow Gauge Collab)

New England-style IPA

Hazy IPA with Amarillo, Motueka and Zythos hops.

ABV Color Availability
6.9% Hazy Straw
Achy Jakey Heart (Narrow Gauge Collab)

The Story Behind Achy Jakey Heart (Narrow Gauge Collab)

Jake Senn was our brewer for almost 3 years. He helped us grow in our new St. Louis location and became an integral part of the 2nd Shift family. Jake recently accepted a position with our friends at Narrow Gauge Brewing and we couldn't be happier for him. We celebrated the only way we knew how, to brew a beer together. This special beer is Jake's recipe and we're going to miss him. Good luck friend!

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